Yesterday’s Poems

Let’s do some lines

Sharpen some skin

Get the harmonies flowing

And then bring them in.

Let’s write down some words

And then string them along

– Like all of our lovers –

Let’s make it a song.

Let’s call it a day

And start on the night

It’s only just four

But that’s quite alright.

Let’s talk in high accents

Let’s gulp down some gin

Let’s get the beats going

Let’s go for a spin.

We’ll wake up tomorrow

With no clue who we are

And why we’re outside

With no shoes or a car.

We’ll go through our pockets

Scratch at out heads

And mutter and mumble

As we walk home to our beds.

When we wake up again

The sun will be setting

And we’ll bask in its beauty

While doing some regretting.

And at some point we’ll reach up

To shake out our hair

And a scrunched up old post-it

Will fall out from there.

And we’ll see on it scribbled

In ink and in tears

Yesterday’s poems

Telling us we were here.




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