Invisible Genkel Grey

They see him everywhere, old Genkel Grey,

But they pointedly turn their heads away,

And when he comes stumbling into the room

They all ignore him, much to his dismay.


He’s a hulking fellow – he’s hard to miss,

And still they are determined to dismiss

Him from their sight and from their minds as they

Attempt to make small talk and reminisce.


And when he moves about the crowded room,

The people he jostles simply assume

That it’s nothing more than a passing draught,

And their ersatz conversations resume.


And Genkel Grey, seeing how he’s brushed off,

Will try catch their attention with a cough,

But all his efforts are to no avail;

The more he tries, the more he is rebuffed.


He wonders what he might have ever done

To deserve to be so steadfastly shunned.

After all, elephants have feelings, too,

And it’s not their fault that they’re in the room.




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